The Mission of U.S. Kids Golf

      - Is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories-

Qualities of a U.S. Kids Certified Instructor

     - Charisma and enthusiasm

     - Ability to promote themselves and program

     - Willingness to engage parents

     - Consistent desire to learn from others in order to improve themselves

Qualities of the Richard Brown School of Golf Junior Academy / Instruction

    - Kids learn while playing

    - Games used as mechanism to engage kids

    - Specific goals kids work towards

    - Rewards when goals are achieved 


Benefits to Youth

     - Scaling in all areas assures first experiences are positive

     - Provides structured learning so success can me measured and achieved

Benefits to Parents

     - Resource to solve the problem of where to start your child in golf and with whom

     - Engages parents as the child learns

        - Know what is being taught

        - Can assess progress and assist

        - Provides sense of achievement and accomplishment



Making the game better, one player at a time....