Academy Curriculum

The curriculum combines PGA Certified Professional golf instruction, U.S. Kids strategies, tools, game formant, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Jr. Coaching Principles / Concepts and character development . The program is designed for young golfers  Gold Level (Beginner / Intermediate) &  Platinum (Advanced).  All skill levels are welcome. The player will be evaluated and placed in the proper skill level.

The U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program is a proven method to introduce golf to young players. The program becomes more difficult as players advance through each of the ten levels, and the Level 1, 2 … 10 booklets provide the framework for both coaches and parents.

Levels 6 through 10 will be introduced sometime in 2019

The booklets provide instruction and examples of forms and skills, and each level has checkpoints in five core areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge and Scoring. As an incentive to advance through all the levels, players earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. In order to pass each level, players must play nine holes from at least 1,500 yards and meet the scoring requirement.


The skill levels are broken into these categories:

Beginner - Levels 1,2 & 3

Transition - Levels 4&5

Advanced - Levels 6,7 & 8

Elite - Levels 9 & 10



(CLUBS ARE NOT PROVIDED and the student must wear golf shoes)

Academy participants must be 9 years of age or older at the beginning of the Academy. NO EXCEPTIONS

Advancement is available through skills assessments and on course scoring / evaluations. Each student will have a target goal to reach to be able to advance to the next level. The on course testing will be performed from the appropriate tee location for the student.

For the beginning golfer, they will learn from the putting green back to the lesson tee. This is the easiest way to learn and it also stresses how important short game is in scoring. The earlier that the young golfer can learn and master short game, the better they will be!

The use of technology will be utilized for both the Gold and Platinum Level Academy participant.  The proper use of technology will enhance and shorten the learning curve for the students. To see the actual technology that will be used, click on the Technology tab.

This is the Richard Brown School of Golf Junior Golf Academy Practice Sheet