This is an introductory program for all adults who want to learn how to play golf.

The program consists of 5 - 45 minute private golf lessons covering,

  1. Putting

  2. Chipping

  3. Pitching

  4. Full swing (Irons)

  5. Full swing (hybrids, fairway metals and driver)

After every session, you'll have required practice to make sure that you're comfortable with the subject matter before we move onto the next topic. After the first 3 lessons covering putting, chipping and pitching we will go onto the course to see and track your development. 

At the completion of the short game portion, we will begin the full swing portion of your program. After the full swing portion is complete, again we'll go onto the course to evaluate the short game and full swing portion of your game.

The package includes:

5 - 45 minute sessions

2 -  on course sessions




Technology with training at the Richard Brown's School of Golf


Richard Brown is one of a few PGA Teaching Professionals in the country that utilizes The K-VEST, V1, FlightScope and TPI fundamentals in his teaching philosophy. 


K-VEST 3D motion capture!

FlightScope Launch Monitor data! 24 pieces of information for me to help you reach your goals..

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Titleist performance institute


Titleist Performance Institute is the understanding of how your body effects your golf swing. There are 2 evaluations that are performed. The first is a swing evaluation looking for 16 possible swing flaws. The second evaluation is to determine how flexible your body is by performing 16 different screens.

Together with both the swing and body evaluations, I will be able to determine which muscle groups are prohibiting the player. From that point, a series of body prep and motor skills exercises are prescribed to help the player gain either more flexibility or range of motion.


Adult Beginning Golfer Package
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