I believe the swing is most effective using the big muscles in the body (chest, back and legs). Through the proper application of force, using the kinematic sequence, results can be impressive. Every student's swing is like a fingerprint, but the core fundamentals of grip, stance, alignment, ball position and posture cannot be compromised.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) physical screening/swing evaluations are used to determine how the player's body affects their golf swing. From compiling the information from the physical screens and swing evaluation, a corrective plan of action derived of golf-specific stretching and swing mechanics can help the player reach their goals. 

The main contributing factor to my teaching philosophy is that the students have an enjoyable experience that will influence them to continue to play this wonderful and lifelong sport. 

Teaching Approach

The approach to accomplish this philosophy can appear to be easy with a plan of action. Every student is evaluated during his or her first hour golf lesson. During that evaluation, finding which learning style (Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic)  best suits the student is critical for success.  A lesson plan is created for each student, with the focus being directed from the ground up from ball position, stance, posture, grip, etc. The student is given time to work on the items of concern before coming back for their next lesson session. Technology (K-VEST and FlightScope Launch Monitor) along with specific training aids will facilitate in shortening the  students learning curve.   

The atmosphere is fun and interactive between the student and myself. It is important to establish rapport, trust and to make the student feel comfortable and relaxed to perform at their best.