K-VEST 4 Sensor System


K-VEST 4 Sensor System

K-VEST has improved the system, buy adding a 4th sensor for the lead arm.  The system tracks hip, torso, lead arm and club efficiency to make sure that the player is maximizing their ability to create a repeatable swing, that is effective and efficient.

By you clicking on this challenge, let's me know that you want to improve. Here's the challenge... You'll take 5 swings with the K-VEST 4 sensor. If 2 out of those 5 swings are kinematically correct in both  transition and speed sequencing, I'll give you a FREE DOZEN of Titleist Pro V1's.

If not, then let's put a corrective plan in motion to help you achieve the correct sequencing!

Click on the Book a Lesson button below, then you'll select

"K-VEST 4th Sensor Challenge" in the drop down box.