Richard Brown School of Golf

Junior Academy Agreement



Richard Brown School of Golf

Junior Academy Agreement


This agreement is hereby made between _________________________(hereafter known as “Student”, Coach Richard Brown (hereafter known as “Coach”) and _____________________________________________________ (hereafter known as “Parents”).

Student will be placed in the (Beginner/Transition/Advanced/Elite Group) based on either an evaluation or testing.

The Beginner level program begins in March and concludes the end January. The summer months ( July and August) are setup as a review period and attendance is not required for the Beginner level.   The Transition/Advanced/Elite levels go year round program and during the summer months, if the student has to leave for vacation, prior notice will be appreciated.

Required clinic attendance, participation, practice and testing is mandatory. If the Student is unable to attend a clinic, the parent must inform the Coach at least 1 day before the clinic.  If the student has 2 unexcused absences, the student will be removed from the Academy.  The student will have monthly individual instruction. If the student cannot complete the monthly lesson allotment, the lessons will carry over to the next month.

If the coach determines that the student is not practicing, not participating in clinics or is a distraction and the student / parents have been informed and there has been no improvement / change in behavior, the coach will remove the student from the Academy.

If the student / parent opts to leave the Academy, they must submit in writing before the beginning of the next month. Failure to do so will result in a 2 month surcharge of Academy fees.

Lesson booking will be the responsibility of the parents. The coach will not book lessons for the student.  If there are technical difficulties, the coach will help in the process of booking a single lesson, until the issue has been resolved and at that point the booking responsibility falls back to the parents.

If the student attends only 1 clinic or takes just 1 lesson in the month, the monthly tuition will be required.

Academy payments will be due on the 1st of each new month, unless notified otherwise. Acceptable forms of payment are checks, cash and online invoicing via Stripe.  If payment is not received by the 15th of each new month, the account will be deemed delinquent and the student will not be able to participate in clinics or lessons.