Getting better is not an overnight process...

When it comes to golf, most players want that secret magical elixir that will magically transform their game. Well the only way to get better is to humble yourself to the fact that it's a going to be a long and hard journey. This is the path that Lawrence Neloms decided to take.

I've worked consistently with Lawrence for the past 3 years and when we began this journey, Lawrence had a horrendous slice that was draining yards, consistency and confidence from his game. His scores where somewhere between mid 90's to mid 100's. We pieced things together from the onset to get his fundamentals sound (ball position and  alignment).  Once those items were in place, we fought kinematic sequencing issues. Coming from the top at the beginning of his downswing instead of starting his downswing from the pelvis.

We worked and worked until we discovered that it was not Lawrence didn't understand, on the contrary, he has a outstanding working knowledge of the swing and how it relates to his body, what we discovered was that his muscle stabilization in certain areas. I gave Lawrence a TPI assessment and from that point, the results have been short of amazing.

Now Lawrence is scoring in the mid to low 70's, incorporating proper practice with the K-VEST, FlightScope Launch Monitor, TPI exercises and yoga.

So, if you're really ready to get better, it's going to take time, humility, sweat, patience and perseverance!