Long Term Athletic Development for Junior Golfers

Gone are the days of putting your child in the junior golf program that was designed as modified day care. There are now facilities designed solely to turn athletes into golfers. On the PGA Tour now look at the likes of Dustin Johnson, Keegan Bradley, Peter Uihlein and Brooks Koepka. Needless to say there countless others out there on all of the professional tours.

Junior golf training is being tied into LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) - describes the life long athletic performance development model originally coined by Istvan Balyi in 1990. He is acknowledged worldwide as an expert in LTAD and the periodization of training plans.

LTAD is a useful guide that helps develop golfers from pre-puberty to retirement. The approach focuses on having kids perform age-appropriate skill acquisition drills to maximize athletic potential. 

How much time is required to develop expertise?? 10 years...The 10 years and at least 10,000 of training for an athlete to reach elite levels in most sports and 20 years for golf.

Having a young child participate in other sports or activities at an early age (under 10 years old) is essential to their development. 

Early specialization in sports where children must excel at an early age to compete at an early age: Gymnastics, Figure Skating and Diving to name a few. Late Specialization sports where professional athletes spend more time than 10 years honing skills before going to the highest level. Golf and most team sports (Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, etc)

So in summary, having your child in multiple activities is critical in their athletic development, especially if they are longing to be an elite golfer in the future!