You want to hit it farther??? Swing and train like the ladies on the LPGA....

Players are looking to hit it farther and farther, now that courses are getting longer. How are they acheiving this? By getting a new driver with a lower loft and stiffer shaft, which by the way will have you hitting it even shorter! 

If you want to hit it farther increase your launch angle... Increase my launch angle?? What the??? Well numbers bear out the truth, that the LPGA launch the ball around +2 to +3 degrees, which means that they're hitting up on the ball at the moment of contact, where as the average PGA Tour player is at -1 degree at impact. The PGA tour player has chosen control over power!

The ladies on the LPGA get the most with less... They hit the ball farther with less mass and speed than a man. The ladies on average 94 miles an hour swing speed with the driver and hits is about 235 yards on average.

The ladies secret... The ladies have the great ability to create torque because they can turn better than men, and that's why you see a lot of long swings on the LPGA.  Having a strong lower body can allow you to develop more speed, which translates into distance! Increasing ones flexibility will also help in your quest for distance. The more torque you can create by your upper body turning against your lower will increase your rotational speed.

So, if you want it to go farther, get your launch angle up and increase your flexibility!