Lag putting giving you more 3-putts then not...

The quickest way to lower your scores by a couple of shots a round is to improve your short game. Think about your last round of golf and think about how many three putts you had. If we can eliminate the three putts from our round obviously our score will go down. We can work to eliminate these three putts by working on our lag putting.   I believe in the old saying “aim small and miss small”.

Okay so we have picked out our target now it is time to hit the putt. Stand a little taller in order to allow your body to make the longer stroke necessary. Too many times I see someone take the putter back too short and try to really speed up coming through the ball in order to hit the ball hard enough to get it to the hole. This generates what is called a “Jab” stroke or “stabbing at the putt”. If we need to have the ball go farther, make a longer back swing with the putter.

Think about trying to keep the stroke as smooth as possible coming through, feeling almost like a pendulum motion. This will help us build repeatable strokes giving us a good feel for how far we need to take.

A drill to Improve Lag Putting:

  • Get three balls and set up in the middle of the putting green.
  • Hit the first putt somewhere between where you are and the edge of the putting green.
  • With the next ball try to get it between the first ball and the edge of the putting green.
  • With the third ball we need to get it between the second ball and the edge of the putting green.

Repeat this drill going in different directions on the putting green to help get the feeling between uphill and downhill puts.

Once we get really good at three balls try adding additional balls to up the challenge!