How good is your balance??

How many times have you taken a swing and have not been able sustain your follow through? You attribute to your swing, but you need to travel lower. More often than not your balance is not in the correct place.

When hitting shots, you want to make sure that your weight is centered on your arch. Not the balls or heel of your feet. If your weight is on the balls of your feet (Because you're too far from the ball) as you address the ball, your hips will be prohibited. The result is that you'll straighten yourself up in your downswing.

If your weight is on your heels (Because you're too close to the ball) as you address the ball, when the swing begins, you will continue to fall backwards on your follow through. The resultant shot will very rarely find the target with the distance or accuracy required.

If you're suffering from either case, in your setup make sure that you set the club first behind the ball. Next step into the shot to where you can feel your weight equally on your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus.